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Mole Removal in Murfreesboro and Middle Tennessee

Critter Gitter Wildlife offers mole removal services in Nashville, Murfreesboro, and Middle Tennessee. If you are having issues with moles or mole damage, call Critter Gitter Wildlife Removal at (615) 294-6957 for safe and effective mole removal services.

We specialize in all types of wildlife removal and our service area

 includes Murfreesboro,

Nashville, and all of Middle Tennessee.

Mole Damage in Middle Tennessee

Moles damage your lawn by tunneling just below the surface of the ground, tearing the roots of your grass, and creating mole hills or “boils” where they have excavated cavities and pushed the excess dirt above the ground in a pile. If you notice mole activity in your lawn or garden, that is because your property contains an attractive food source (worms, grubs, or insects). When dealing with moles, recolonization is going to be the problem, not the number of moles presently in your lawn. 

Current information distributed by Purdue University’s Pest Control Operations and authored by Robert Corrigan Ph.D. states “Trapping is the MOST reliable method of mole control.” 


Chemicals and home remedies (including castor oil, grub controls and poisons) don’t work. They’re not only ineffective, but allow the moles time to establish and become major problems. Mechanical traps are environmentally friendly, target specific, and they work. Trapping is most effective when done over long periods of time. This will allow you to stop recolonization of moles into your yard. 

About Our Mole Removal Services

The key to eliminating moles is our mole control program. First we examine all existing mole tunnels. Then we monitor and find the new mole activity in the yard. We then trap for moles in the yard, getting rid of the existing population. Once the moles have been removed from your lawn we can trap on a quarterly basis to prevent future mole infestations. 

Critter Gitter Wildlife Removal’s expert mole trappers will trap the moles and prevent moles from coming back. If you have mole problems in Murfreesboro, Nashville or surrounding Middle Tennessee locations, call Critter Gitter at (615) 294-6957 for effective mole trapping.

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