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Skunk Removal in Murfreesboro and Middle Tennessee

Critter Gitter Wildlife provides skunk removal in Murfreesboro and middle Tennessee. If you are having issues with skunks in your yard or in your crawl space, call Critter Gitter Wildlife Removal at 615-294-6957 for safe and effective skunk removal services.

We specialize in all types of wildlife removal and our service area

includes Murfreesboro, Columbia, Gallatin, and Middle Tennessee.

Common Skunk Removal Signs & Issues in Middle Tennessee

Skunks are excellent diggers and often gain access to crawl spaces in Middle Tennessee by digging under the A/C unit flashing or under the crawl space door. Skunks will generally only spray when they are harassed or sense immediate danger. However, when skunks take up residence beneath your home, you may still notice the typical "skunk smell" in your house  because they carry this smell with them naturally. Another sign of skunk activity is divots in your grass or wet sod left behind as the skunks search for worms and grubs. These divots are often similar to to those left by armadillos and chipmunks. 

We can help with the following skunks problems:

About Our Skunk Removal Services in Middle Tennessee

When you call Critter Gitter, we will locate any entry points and set traps in the best location to capture any skunks entering beneath your building or using your property.  The skunk traps we set are designed to prevent spraying, and we have never had a skunk spray on a client's property during the course of trapping. 

After ensuring that we have removed all the nuissance skunks from your property, Critter Gitter will install animal-proof materials to block any entry points to your building. These repairs are fully guaranteed by Critter Gitter with a life-of-structure warranty. If the skunks were using your crawlspace, we will also check that area for signs of damage when trapping is complete and offer a quote for the replacement of any damaged insulation or vapor barrier. We also provide skunk odor elimination information and services. 

Call Critter Gitter Wildlife for Skunk Removal in Middle Tennessee

If you are having issues with skunks and need our skunk trapping or removal services in Murfreesboro or Middle Tennessee call Critter Gitter Wildlife at (615) 294-6957

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