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Chipmunk Removal in Murfreesboro and Middle Tennessee

Critter Gitter specializes in chipmunk removal services in Murfreesboro and the greater Nashville area. If you are having issues with chipmunks in your yard or in your home, call Critter Gitter Wildlife Removal at (615) 294-6957

for safe and effective chipmunk removal


We specialize in all types of wildlife removal and our service area includes Murfreesboro, Nashville, and Middle Tennessee.

Chipmunk Problems

in Murfreesboro and Middle Tennessee

Chipmunks often dig a series of tunnels or borrows in lawns, gardens, and mulch beds. They can gain entry to your crawlspace through gaps around foundation vents and the A/C unit. Chipmunks under your home can damage electrical wires, insulation, duct work, and even cause foundation issues over time. Chipmunks can destroy gardens by digging and eating flower bulbs and seeds. Common nuisance complaints about chipmunks include:

  • Chipmunks in the crawlspace.

  • Chipmunks in the walls.

  • Chipmunks digging under the foundation.

  • Chipmunks getting under home.

  • Chipmunks burrowing holes around home.

  • Chipmunks eating the garden.

  • Chipmunks have dug so much, the home has structural cracks appearing.

  • Chipmunks chewing electric wires under home.

  • Chipmunks pulling down floor insulation in crawlspace.

  • Chipmunks getting into foundation vents.

  • Chipmunks getting under AC unit.

About Our Chipmunk Removal Services

Critter Gitter state certified wildlife wildlife specialists can help with your chipmunk problems. We offer safe, fast, and humane removal of chipmunks, damage identification and repair, and cleanup of chipmunk problems. Call us today! Chipmunk trapping services are offered in a variety of methods which include:

  • Exterior Chipmunk Trapping

  • Interior Chipmunk Trapping

  • Landscape Stone Trapping

  • Box Station Trapping

  • Live Cage Trapping

  • Snap Trap Trapping

Schedule Chipmunk Removal Services in Middle Tennessee

If you are having issues with chipmunks and need our chipmunk removal services in Murfreesboro, Nashville, or Middle Tennessee, call Critter Gitter Wildlife Removal at (615) 294-6957 for a free quote over the phone.

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