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Groundhog Removal in Murfreesboro and Middle Tennessee

We specialize in all types of wildlife removal and our service area includes Murfreesboro, Nashville and Middle Tennessee.

Groundhog Problems in

Middle Tennessee

Critter Gitter specializes in groundhog removal services in Murfreesboro and the greater Nashville area. If you are having issues with groundhogs in your yard or in your crawl space, call

Critter Gitter Wildlife Removal at (615) 294-6957

for safe and effective groundhog removal


Groundhogs, also called woodchucks, are powerful diggers and can cause extensive damage to gardens, lawns and building foundations as they create massive tunnel systems with multiple exits. Groundhogs in Middle Tennessee often dig into crawlspaces and under decks. 


A groundhog can cause severe damage to the ground structure and drainage while creating tripping hazards. It’s best to deal with the situation as soon as possible. If you notice burrows on your property or have seen a ground hog, contact us and we’ll take care of the problem quickly by humanely trapping and relocation the target anima. We will also fill in and block any tunnels and entry points to prevent other animals from moving in. 

Common nuisance complaints from groundhogs include:

  • Groundhogs digging in yard.

  • Groundhogs digging under shed.

  • Groundhogs digging under deck or porch.

  • Groundhogs getting under home.

  • Groundhogs in the crawlspace.

  • Groundhogs damaging hvac duct lines.

  • Groundhogs eating patio furniture.

  • Groundhogs in garden.

  • Groundhogs digging under concrete slab.

  • Groundhogs digging under foundation.

  • Groundhogs digging under barn.

  • Groundhog holes create a hazard for horses.

  • Groundhogs destroying vegetation in yard

About Our Groundhog Removal Services 

Critter Gitter Wildlife Removal can help you with groundhog trapping in Murfreesboro and Middle Tennessee if you have groundhogs digging up your yard, digging under your shed, or getting under your home. We will set traps to catch the groundhogs that are destroying your lawn or garden, or raiding your vegetables. We will relocate the groundhogs so they don’t return and cause further damage.


Our licensed and insured wildlife technicians will safely bait, trap and remove this pest animal. We will identify any signs of groundhog damage to your property and seal the burrow entrances or holes after ensuring all nuisance groundhogs are captured and removed.

Schedule Groundhog Removal Services in Middle Tennessee

If you are having issues with groundhogs and need our groundhog removal services in Murfreesboro or Middle Tennessee, call Critter Gitter Wildlife Removal at (615) 294-6957 for a free quote over the phone.

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