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Dead Animal Removal in Murfreesboro and the Greater Nashville Area

When an animal dies on your property, Critter Gitter Wildlife Removal will complete a full dead animal removal. Our dead animal removal process includes removing the dead animal, treating the area for diseases, and deodorizing to neutralize the bad smell. When you have a dead rat in the attic, a dead squirrel in the wall, a dead opossum in the yard, a dead skunk under the house, a dead bat in the building, a dead mouse in the kitchen, a dead raccoon in the ceiling, a dead armadillo in the lawn, a dead chipmunk in the basement or dead birds on the roof, Critter Gitter Wildlife Removal will get rid of the dead animal, the diseases and bad smell.


Our experienced technicians will apply a powerful disinfectant, virucide, and sanitizer (DSV) designed to eliminate biological hazards. When we remove a dead animal, we also find out how that animal got inside in the first place, and we seal those holes shut, so the problem doesn't happen again!

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