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Wildlife Prevention in Murfreesboro and Middle Tennessee

Critter Gitter Wildlife provides all kinds of wildlife removal and prevention in Murfreesboro, Nashville, Franklin, and surrounding counties of middle Tennessee. Contact us today at (615) 294-6957 for your wildlife damage prevention and wildlife removal service needs.

Prevention of Future Wildlife Issues

Removing animals currently occupying your structure is the initial step in controlling your wildlife problem. Another vital part of the process is to locate and block the animal entry point. If the entry point is not blocked, it is likely to attract more animals into your building in the future.

Critter Gitter offers guaranteed repairs to prevent future wildlife conflict. Our specialists will identify all of the animal access points and permanently block them with animal-proof materials to prevent your animal problem from reoccurring. 

Your local Critter Gitter Wildlife technician will also offer information on how to eliminate attractants to reduce the risk of recurring wildlife problems, such as removing food sources by harvesting vegetables early, securing foundation openings, and eliminating unnecessary areas of cover.

Wildlife Prevention Services We Offer

  • Squirrel problems? We block all possible entry points with squirrel-proof, heavy gauge screen or metal drip-edge for entry points along the roofline (see photo below). We offer a full guarantee on all installations. 

  • We install concrete pavers to prevent skunks, groundhogs, and other digging animals from gaining access to your crawlspace through weak points such as the a/c unit flashing. 

  • If you have unwanted bird activity in your vents, call Critter Gitter today. We remove the nesting material and birds, sanitize the area, and then install guaranteed covers (pictured below) over bathroom and dryer exhaust vents. 

  • We perform guaranteed exclusion work on chimneys to ensure no animals can enter your chimney.

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