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Sixteen bat species occur in Tennessee, and five are protected under federal law as endangered species. Bats are an essential part of our ecosystem because they are insectivores eating mosquitos, beetles, moths and other flying pests. The most common species in middle Tennessee are red bats, big brown bats, and little brown bats. One study has shown that little brown bats can eat their own bodyweight in mosquitos every night.


While bats benefit the local ecosystem by controlling insect populations, they can become a problem when they roost in gable vents, attics, and other crevices around your home. 

Roosting bats will defecate and the droppings below their roosts can become a smelly health hazard. Bats also often carry mites or other parasites and are capable of transmitting diseases such as histoplasmosis and rabies.

About Our Bat Removal Services

At Critter Gitter Wildlife Removal, bats have a truly special place in our hearts. Our founder, Matthew Baggott, previously worked as a professional bat biologist studying and surveying endangered bat populations across the eastern US. 

In Tennessee, bat maternity colonies are protected and have a blackout period between April 15th and August 15th when we cannot remove them from a structure if baby bats are present. This is to allow the baby bats to wean off of their mother and mature to the point of being able to fly so we can safely remove the entire colony. 


Removing bats from an attic or tile roof can be effectively completed by Critter Gitter specialists with exclusions, valves, and mist netting. Trapping endangered bats or poisoning bats is not allowed and can result in heavy fines. Critter Gitter Wildlife Removal will safely and humanely remove the bats out of the attic, roof, home, or building following all state and federal guidelines.  

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